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 Weekdays  Applicant, Application and Confirmation Cube
 at 9:00 am  College Count Reports – Fall, Winter and Spring Terms
 Dashboard Reports
 January  Ontario College / University Market Share 2015
 February  February 3  eBulletin – Equal Consideration Date Counts
 February 12  eBulletin – Enrolment Projection Date with Equal Consideration Date Data
 March  March 31  Winter Term CSER data collection due
 Winter Term Graduate data collection due
 April  April 14  Cubes and Reports – Winter – Enrolment, Regisrant and Graduate data
 Key Performance Indicator Data Released from Ministry
 May  May 31  'Off-count' CSER data collection due
 July  July 31  Spring Term CSER data collection
 Spring Term Graduate data collection
 August  August 8  Cubes and Reports – Spring – Enrolment, Registrant and Graduate data